3-2-1 LAUNCH Concept Album Release Party

The Bad Kids, December 2021

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What a fun way to release an album! It makes this new musical hugely accessible, we got to include captions, we amplified comments from the audience, we got to watch the talent jam out ‘backstage’ between live moments, it was awesome from start to finish.
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It is a JOY to be working on this show. It hits me deeply every time and I am incredibly grateful to be along for the ride. I am lucky enough to also be stage managing this show as we continue the process of getting it on its feet. Every time the music plays, I am blown away by the beauty. This event was cutting-edge, accessible, and inclusive. Truly, I could not have asked for more.

3-2-1 LAUNCH: Concept Album Release Party

An evening celebrating a look into the concept album for the new musical, How To Repair A Mechanical Heart.

How To Repair A Mechanical Heart is a new musical based on the novel by J.C. Lillis. This evening celebrated the concept album that is being released and brought a new twist on how new musicals get released.

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How To Repair A Mechanical Heart

Based on the novel by JC Lillis

Directed and Conceived by Marc Erdahi

Book and Lyrics by Jay Falzone

Music by Trent Jeffords

Produced by The Bad Kids LLC

In Partnership with Broadway Boxed Up

Streaming Production by Transcend Streaming

Additional Video Content by Scott Leff & Daniel Anthony Hidalgo


Hosted by JJ Neimann

Featured performers included:

Lily Talevski, Katelyn Lauria, Trey Harrington, Mara Jill Herman, John Jeffords, Pilar Martinez, Maria Habeeb, John Rodney Turner, Stephen Smith, Chris Medlin, & Troy Iwata.