Meet The Women Behind

Cutting-edge creators Kyra Bowie and Leanna Keyes bring a perfect blend of artistry and savvy, results-oriented focus to bespoke creative & professional engagements. 

These Brooklyn-based professionals can be your producers, your event coordinators, your stream dream team, and more–and they’re ready to show you what Transcend Streaming can bring to your next experience.

(And yes–even though “streaming” is in our name, we do a lot more than that. We promise that no matter what we’re working on, we strive to transcend all expectations!)


Kyra Bowie

Kyra is a multi-hyphenate artist that specializes in highly technical theatre. She loves coffee, chocolate, funny videos, and a really good book. (Bonus points if it is non-fiction but reads like it’s fiction!)

She has training from NYU Tisch School of The Arts, The Atlantic Acting School, Intimacy Coordinators of Color and Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester.

Select Credits: OUR CLASS (PSM | BAMFisher) JUST TELL NO ONE (SM | Lincoln Center) THE ORCHARD with Jessica Hecht & Mikhail Baryshnikov (PSM | Arlekin Players Theatre) HAPPY LIFE (PSM |  Walkerspace), SHOOTING CELEBRITIES (PSM | The Flea).

You can keep up with her on social media @KyraBowie

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Leanna Keyes

Leanna is a multidisciplinary creator who focuses on videography, automation, and immediately jumping down any rabbit hole that starts with “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could….” She’s the kind of person who tinkers recreationally with LEDs and automates the morning coffee. On the other hand, she also has hobbies like cartography, creative collaborative fiction, and designing tasting menus for apple varieties. (Her fave: the jazz apple, a cultivar from New Zealand).

Before Transcend Streaming, she worked extensively in theater in the San Francisco Bay Area and Memphis, Tennessee. She earned her B.A. with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University. Now that she’s in New York, she has worked on many Off-Broadway projects, like The Orchard at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (with the eponymous Baryshnikov), Baby Foot at Walkerspace, and Powerhouse for Manhattan Rep.

You can learn about her playwriting work at, or read her published work in this anthology from Methuen Drama.

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Leanna Says: "My absolute favorite moment in a consultation is when I’m showing a work sample to a prospective client and mention that what they’re seeing was done fully live. The jaw-drop, the expansion of possibility, the realization that things that seemed impossible are not only doable but within reach? It’s beautiful." Read more about what Leanna has to say in this exclusive interview on the medium here.
Kyra Says: "Coming from a world of performing, it was exciting to take a look at art from the other side of the table. My 24 years of on-stage training allows me to prioritize and anticipate what the performers, clients, and speakers need to feel supported. We are able to give people their tools back. Actors don’t have to be their own technicians, stage managers can go back to calling cues and directors can dream. We’re here to make the magic happen."