An O! Staged Reading Series

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, July 2021

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I loved this reading series because OSF really committed to giving its artists the tools they needed to thrive, not just survive. Their staff worked with every actor to make sure they had a good setup. On our production side, it was awesome to get to work with so many people in succession and to rapidly form working collaborative relationships with directors who had such different aesthetics.
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What I found most challenging about this project was the number of actors and characters in the one piece, King Margaret. There were a total of 52 individual characters played by the eight performers. It also felt the most rewarding when it was fully programmed. For a change of pace, Red Bike left me with one performer and the ability to let my design work really play. The big theme was a super wide shot with the manipulation of blurring and color for the background.

Five new plays live-streamed as part of a weekly reading series, all 29-hour AEA projects.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival live-streamed a five-part weekly series that featured five new plays ranging from an imaginative solo work featuring an eleven-year-old wrestling with the American Dream to a play that dives into the history and mythology of the often misunderstood Shakespearean heroine Margaret.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s work and the cultural richness of the United States, we reveal our collective humanity through illuminating interpretations of new and classic plays, deepened by the kaleidoscope of rotating repertory.

OSF Values

  • Excellence: We bring the best possible version of ourselves to our work onstage and to the organization, holding ourselves to high artistic, professional, and personal standards.
  • Inclusion: We include a diversity of people, ideas, and cultures in our work, enriching our art, our relationships with each other, our audiences, and our community.
  • Company: We sustain a safe and supportive workplace where we rely on our fellow company members to work toward excellence with trust, respect, compassion, and accountability.
  • Stewardship: We make wise, efficient, and responsible use of all the resources entrusted to us, sustaining our long-standing financial stability, the legacy of our organization’s 80-year history, and the health of our planet.

Heath Belden – Line Producer

Jaz Hall – Assistant Producer

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

53% OF: Written by Steph Del Rosso. Directed by Nataki Garrett

Stage Manager: Molly Norris

Featuring: Jenna Bainbridge as Sue/Stan/Sasha, Royer Bockus as Vickie/Victor/Vivian, Annie Paul as PJ/RJ, Ali Skamangas as Leslie/Larry/Lucy, Erica Sullivan as Denise/Derek/Dana, Tatiana Williams as KJ

(W)HOLENESS: Written by Liliana Padilla. Directed by Derek Kolluri

Stage Manager: Becca Rowlett

Featuring: Rachel Crowl, Jeremy Lee Cudd, Shyla Lefner, Caroline Shaffer, Caro Zeller

KING MARGARET: Written by Tira Palmquist. Directed by Donya K Washington

Stage Manager: Molly Norris

Featuring: Christiana Clark, Rachel Crowl, Alejandra Escalante, Vivia Font, Betsy Schwartz, Sheila Tousey, Amy Kim Waschke, Kate Wisniewski

RED BIKE: Written by Caridad Svich. Directed by Evren Odcikin

Stage Manager: Becca Rowlett

Featuring: Meme Garcia

EMILIA: Written by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. Directed by Raphael Massie

Stage Manager: Molly Norris

Featuring: Jenna Bainbridge, Michelle Beck, Catherine Castellanos, Christiana Clark, Delaney Feener, Rebecca S’Manga Frank, Sofia Gomez, Donna Simone Johnson, Amy Lizardo, Lauren Modica, Brooke Parks, Erika Rose, Vilma Silva, Amy Kim Waschke