Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2022

Playwrights Foundation, August 2022

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A hybrid of a hybrid! Offering playwrights the choice between a fully virtual experience that gets broadcast in the theater like a movie, or an in-person experience that gets broadcast from the theater to folks at home? That’s the future of theater. Anyone could experience these plays at any level of presence. Just wonderful.
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I was so grateful to be a part of BAPF's most ambitious festival to date. We brought a hybrid festival to so many people around the world. What moved me most was Elana Dykewomon’s piece. Over 150 people from Elana’s community tuned in to witness her tribute to her lost partner, Susan. It was beyond beautiful to watch the people who interacted with this story in real life come together to celebrate the lives of Elana and her lover, Susan.

The 45th Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

The 45th Bay Area Playwrights Festival launched a new hybrid structure with virtual and in-person attendance options for audiences, and a mix of digital and in-person staged reading processes chosen by the playwrights. They welcomed this powerful cohort of five playwrights and their new plays about resilience, unbreakable bonds, honesty, love, and the life-changing moments that snap us into deep relationship with others. Feel the power of human connection both in person and digitally as we innovate community for all and support the creation of plays that can bring us closer.

Playwrights Foundation supports and empowers playwrights’ artistic growth and careers while championing their voices on a national level. They imagine a future where playwrights are radically centered as visionary leaders who transform the world through storytelling.

Playwrights Foundation’s Values

  • Playwright Centered: We center our decisions around the specific needs of the playwrights we serve and empower them to have artistic agency. 
  • Community: We strive to create a meaningful community amongst playwrights and cultivate a constellation of creative relationships between playwrights and artists, organizations, advocates, and audiences.
  • Equity: We seek to build flexible and adaptable systems in order to create equitable opportunities for people across differences to participate, contribute and succeed.
  • Inclusion:  We create a culture of access, well-being, and a sense of belonging across a diversity of intersectional identities and voices. 
  • Innovation:   We value artistic experimentation, risk-taking, and innovative systems that support playwrights through a mindset of creativity and abundance.
  • Transparency: We strive to practice clear, open, and honest communication at every level both internally and externally.
  • Local Commitment:  We invest in relationships with Bay Area playwrights, artists, organizations, and communities.

BAPF 2022 Creative Team:

Jessica Bird Beza – Executive Artistic Director

Jacquetta Farrar – Artistic Producer

Andrew Custer – Technical Director

Emlyn Doolittle – Technical & Streaming Associate

Megan Cohen – Communications & Engagement Manager

Heather Helinsky – Literary Manager

Tessa Saito King – Operations Manager

Jordan Battle – House Manager

Den Legaspi – Graphic Designer


A Jumping Off Point

Inda Craig-Galván – Playwright

Dawn Monique Williams – Director

Leigh Rondon-Davis – Dramaturg


How To Let Your Lover Die

Elana Dykewomon – Playwright

Tracy Ward – Director

Heather Helinsky – Dramaturg


Arab Spring

Denmo Ibrahim – Playwright

Susannah Martin – Director

Laura Brueckner – Dramaturg


Saturday Mourning Cartoons

Iraisa Ann Reilly – Playwright

Karina Gutiérrez – Director

Nikki Martinez – Content Expert


Close To Home

Sharifa Yasmin – Playwright

Evren Odcikin – Director

Adam Ashraf Elsayigh – Dramaturg


BAPF 2022 featured performers include: 

Jeunée Simon, Jeremy Kahn, Sam Jackson, Gwen Loeb, Nancy Carlin, AJ Davenport, Anne Hallinan, Sharon Omi, Catherine Castellanos, Anne Darragh, Ed Keyani, Sarah Nina Hayon, Salim Razawi, Vanessa Barrantes, Estrella Esparza, Mary Ann Rogers, Francisco Rodriguez, Brady Morales Woolery, Yosep al Zebari, Liam MacDougall, Sharifa Yasmin, and Maisha Khan.