Claire McCardell Statue Unveiling

Frederick Art Club, October 2021

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What I loved about working with the Frederick Art Club is they would ask for something and be totally understanding about whether it was possible or not. That freedom and flexibility to experiment gave me room to push the boundaries. You want audience members to go flying around the New York City skyline during the preshow? Well, I’ve certainly never done that before, let me figure it out!

Claire McCardell Statue Unveiling

The Frederick Art Club commissioned a full statue of renowned fashion designer Claire McCardell, which Transcend Streaming revealed in this live celebration.

The Frederick Art Club is proud to have driven a significant public art endeavor that honors fashion designer and Frederick, Maryland, native Claire McCardell (1905-1958). Credited with inventing American sportswear, McCardell created innovative fashions that have uniquely defined decades of American fashion. Her design perspective continues to influence the industry to this day.

The Claire McCardell Project involved the creation of a larger-than-life bronze sculpture that pays homage to the designer in her hometown. The sculpture was unveiled on October 17, 2021 at its site at the east end of Carroll Creek Park, a world-class urban park that threads through downtown Frederick, Maryland. An accompanying wayside exhibit tells the story of Claire’s extraordinary career, and the statue is enhanced by an elegant garden. Through this project, the Frederick Art Club joins a national trend to “break the bronze ceiling” by putting monumental women on a pedestal.

The Frederick Art Club was founded in Frederick, Maryland, in August 1897. Initially a small league of women art students, it has evolved into a Frederick institution that now has more than 100 members. Their long-standing mission is to teach and practice art, enlighten members, and generate an appreciation of the value and beauty of art in the broader community. They also make time to network, nurture friendships, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

“We were told that Transcend Streaming would bring the magic that would elevate our Zoom event to make it even more memorable, and they did. As president of The Frederick Art Club, our Club has been the driving force for the creation of a 7-1/2 foot bronze statue honoring legendary fashion designer Claire McCardell, a Frederick, Maryland native, here in her hometown. The actual unveiling of Claire took place outside in a specially designed garden overlooking Carroll Creek during a huge community-wide celebration. Prior to that, when it came to a reception honoring our donors, we knew we had to switch gears because of Covid concerns from what was originally planned as an indoor reception to a Zoom event.  We also knew people were feeling “Zoomed out,” so it needed to be special. Leanna and Transcend took our run of show and added the bells and whistles that increased the entertainment value and made it a real hit and a seamlessly run event!”

-Marilyn Bagel