Cowl Girl

Unattended Baggage, April 2022

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This was our first live stream where we used a cinema camera! We used a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro to capture some beautiful images and test a different way to bring a new work to audiences. Really glad we got to work with Unattended Baggage on this, the story was super charming.

COWL GIRL by Anna Capunay is a queer superhero rom-com centering around themes such as chosen family, grief, mental illness, agrophobia, queerness, and geek/cosplay subculture. The play was originally developed by Dramatic Question Theatre in NYC 2013 and was turned into a web series pilot in 2014 in Chicago by Carlos Lorenzo Garcia and Aric Jackson.

Synopsis: Cowl Girl always wears a Batman cowl, masking herself from the outside world. Will her friend, Jason and the intriguing nephew of her arch-enemy, Alex, be able to get her to break out of her shell? If you like 80’s pop culture, Pee-wee Herman, sci-fi, and comic book heroes, then this is the show for you! This is a love letter to kids who grew up in the 80’s and remember what real cartoons, music, and super heroes were like back in the day.

UNATTENDED BAGGAGE is a nebulous ever-changing experimental collective of writers, directors, producers, visual artists, theater makers, filmmakers, actors, sound designers, and everything in between.

Since their inception in 2017, Unattended Baggage has traditionally focused on live performance. However, they acknowledge that their artistic sensibilities are constantly in flux. As of May 2021, they have officially rebranded as a multi-media collective, creating a range of work from live performance (theatre & live comedy), socially distanced/digital experiences, film/television/web series projects, radio-based projects, and hybrid media.

Unattended Baggage sensibilities are traditionally modern, queer, subversive, and related to live performance, sometimes site-specific/environmental or site-responsive. They are interested in catering to queer folx, punks, the working class, weirdos, nerds, and geeks. They are interested in fun and come (but don’t necessarily shy away from making serious subject material, either). In the past, their work has run the gamut from docu-theatre, absurdism, musical works, autobiographical stories, dark comedy, and Geek Theatre (specifically in the areas of horror, superheroes, and science fiction). Unattended Baggage’s work is inherently experimental and often blends tones, genres, and mediums. They welcome both re-staging and remakes of existing work (with a preference towards more obscure existing work), and new work alike.

Unattended Baggage rejects the notion that we must be categorized into one box (or suitcase). 

Cowl Girl Creative Team:

Sean Pollock – Director
Anna Capunay – Playwright

Cowl Girl featured the following performers:

Yessenia Rivas, Lily Randall, Azende Johnson, & Amr Kotb