Echoes In The Garden

American Bard Theater Company, November 2021

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It was a joy to be taking the lead on this project. The work was timely and impactful and that always makes an experience rewarding for me. Using the BirdDog P200 is a super fun experience. Basically, I was able to preset shots on that camera and take on an artistic opinion of what to capture in a given moment. Because there were three other captures happening, I was free to get specific and specialized shots with the BirdDog and cut between the other shots when editing in post-production.

Echoes In The Garden

This piece was set to open the day NYC shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally able to remount the production, the American Bard Theater Company reached out to Transcend Streaming to capture the production and develop a highlight reel to be used for future funding. The archival recording was taken with a four-camera capture and edited together after the date of the recording.

Echoes in the Garden is a memory play, set in 1962 with flashbacks to the late 1920s – all in the home of Marion and Henry Hemmerich, in the small town of Wyomissing, PA.  This domestic drama centers on the return home of their daughter, Ruth, as the family tries to navigate social and familial expectations in the wake of loss that echoes through the generations. 

American Bard Theater Company uses the language of playwrights to inspire the creation of specific worlds on stage. They work to develop their artists’ skills by investing in projects that nurture and challenge their talents. American Bard believes in the power of a shared experience between artists and audiences, using plays to inspire curiosity and self-reflection. The assembly of a strong and varied artistic family is of utmost importance to the company and has been a goal from their first production.  In this tradition, Erin Gilbreth and Cheri Wicks, both founding members, now serving as Co-Producing Artistic Directors, continue as advocates for women, the LGTBQ community, and people of color.

Echoes In The Garden Creative Team:

Ross G. Hewitt – Playwright

Aimee Todoroff – Director

Aoife Hough – Stage Manager

Sydneii Colter – Assistant Stage Manager

Cheri Wicks and Erin Gilbreth – Co-producing Artistic Directors

Debbi Hobson – Costume Designer

Julia Squier – Costume Assistant

Mike Mroch – Set Designer

Annie Garrett-Larsen – Lighting Designer

Emily Murphy – Lighting Assistant

Jeanne Travis – Sound Designer

Lee Monahan – Sound Operator

Alexandra Cremer – Props Designer

Samantha Hewitt – Graphic Designer


Echoes In The Garden featured the following performers: 

Cheri Wicks, Arthur Aulisi, Richarda Abrams, Sarah Young, Caroline Portner, Jake Roberson, Nastasja Naarendorp, and Rhylee Watson.