Synagogue Memory Board Unveiling

Gombin Jewish Historical Genealogical Society–Poland, April 2021

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This event had lots of moving parts! It was wonderful to work alongside those in Poland who were on the ground. With the help of a translator, we were able to work together to enhance the experience of the online viewers. Watching the members come together and enjoy the experience was rewarding and reminded me that what we are doing in the virtual world is bringing access to so many people that would not have it otherwise. This evening allowed people from all different time zones to come together and celebrate their heritage. I hope to do many more projects like this one.

Synagogue Memory Board Unveiling

A hybrid event that brought together those in Poland and those in the States to witness the unveiling of the Gombin Society’s Memory Board.

Unveiling the Historical Marker Ceremony in Gabin was an extraordinary “hybrid” event held on June 9th at 4 pm in Poland (3 pm in the UK, 10 am EDT, 7 am Pacific, 5 pm in Israel). A live event took place in Gąbin with the Mayor and Polish guests. The event was celebrated by other Polish and International friends online. 

You can view the unveiling event here.

It is the objective of the GJH & GS to preserve the legacy of Jewish history and culture in Gombin, Poland, the town of our ancestral families. They will preserve the record of their family’s roots and genealogy so that the history of 300 years of Jewish life in Gombin will not have been destroyed by the Holocaust. The preserved record serves as a basis for the education of current Gombiners now living all over the world and all future generations.

The Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society (the Gombin Society) was formed in 1996 as a not-for-profit, educational organization. A registered 501(c)3 organization, the Gombin Society is committed to obtaining and disseminating relevant materials, encouraging research, and preserving the documents and relics of the culture and history of the Gombin Jews. It also seeks to perpetuate the worldwide community of the descendants of Jewish Gombin and to instill in the younger generations a sense of community and shared history. Participation and membership is open to anyone with an interest in the history, genealogy, and continuity of the Gombin Jewish community.

This site contains information about our current and past projects, our various publications, and other historical and genealogical documents of interest to Gombin descendants.

“The organization I’m on the board of was producing an international event, a live hybrid outdoor ceremony in-person and online with many moving parts. There were many plates to spin at once and Kyra was able to balance them with grace! She also advised on the best way to broadcast and was generous with her expertise technically and creatively.

There were multimedia presentations in different languages, and a production company to collaborate with who was streaming live content from Poland. Their feed went down once and she instantly posted a video we had as backup, and saved the day! I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

– Dana Boll

Gombin Jewish Historical Genealogical Society