It’s A Wonderful Life

The Theater Project, December 2021

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Coming into a longstanding holiday tradition and making it virtual is interesting because the community knowledge among the actors and creative team is so strong. It very much felt like we were stepping into, and being welcomed into, a legacy of performance, of connection, and then amplifying it to the next level.

It’s A Wonderful Life

A long-standing holiday tradition for The Theater Project’s community, this adaptation of It’s A Wonderful Life used digital tricks to achieve effects that wouldn’t have been possible on stage.

Based on the classic Jimmy Stewart movie, this American holiday tradition comes to life as a live 1940’s radio broadcast. Join us in the LUX RADIO THEATER as 15 actors, one musician, and an extremely overworked sound technician prepare for the big broadcast of this favorite story.

​Over the last 20 years, many of TTP’s favorite actors have played–and replayed–roles in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.  As the cast reunites each year, even remotely, we toast the talent that can no longer be with us: Jerry Lazar, Arthur Annis, and of course, Rick Delaney, TTP’s original George Bailey. We consider ourselves privileged to have worked with them and to have enjoyed their friendship.

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It’s A Wonderful Life Creative Team:

Liz Zazzi – Script Adaptation

Mark Spina – Director

Jason Neri – Incidental Music

Carly Bennett – Stage Manager

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer


It’s A Wonderful Life featured the following performers: 

Dennis DaPrile, Jim Clancy, Brian Nowak, André DeSandies, Luca Visentini, Aubrey McCarthy, Blake Visentini, Matt McCarthy, Scott Cagney, Rebecca Paige, Anna Marie Sel, Gary Glor, Terri Sturtevant, & Valerie Stack Dodge.