Justice Rising

Legal Aid At Work, June 2021

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Over a hundred years of history for this organization, wow! So cool to highlight the importance of bringing direct legal aid to low-income workers and their families and to celebrate the ongoing efforts of Legal Aid At Work to do just that. Plus, a live appearance by the California Attorney General, pretty awesome!

Justice Rising

A digital celebration for the 105th anniversary of a legal aid organization benefiting low-income workers and their families.


Emily, a 29-year-old would-be writer, retreats home to O’ahu after Manhattan finally gets the best of her. But trading one island for another doesn’t help. When she stumbles into a gig as an actor on a shock-jock radio dating show, she falls for her fake love interest and finds herself strangely determined to turn that fantasy into reality. Told through a playful combination of phone calls, voicemails, and live radio spots, Stanton’s quirky show illustrates life with a thousand friends on Facebook, but no one to talk to on a Saturday night.

Legal Aid at Work is a nonprofit legal services organization that has been assisting low-income, working families for more than 100 years.  We use four main strategies to enforce and strengthen workers’ rights: free clinics and helplines, free legal info, litigation, and policy advocacy. www.legalaidatwork.org