Latino Media Summit

Craig Newmark School of Journalism, June 2022

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One of our first big conferences! This is the kind of event where a hybrid audience is a no-brainer: media and journalism are all about reaching people and communicating. A summit SHOULD be able to include everyone, whether they can make it to New York for a weekend or whether they’re across an ocean.
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When we were brought on as streaming producers for The Latino Media Summit, we were deep in research about how to create the best hybrid experience for a virtual audience. Leanna and I had tons of discussions about what equipment we wanted to provide, what the workflow would look like and how to ensure that we were giving the virtual attendees a top notch summit. We would stop at nothing to be sure that those watching from home were just as engaged as our in person folks. By far one of my favorite things about this event was that we were able to use an interpretation feature that allowed folks at home to listen to the original audio (that included both Spanish and English presentations) or they could choose to hear just in English or just in Spanish

A bilingual journalism conference where ideas and innovation converge at a local and global scale.

The Latino Media Summit (LMS) is an annual gathering of the best in Latinx journalism, hosted by the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY in New York. The LMS is a hybrid, bilingual Spanish-English, two-day event that brings together elite journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, and industry leaders to celebrate and converse in meaningful ways about the ideas, innovations, and opportunities for Latinx journalism and its community.

The LMS sessions will take place in a dynamic combination of formats, designed to enrich the experience of both our in-person and virtual audiences: 

Public conversations: leading thinkers on the most relevant and current issues for Latinx journalism and communities will engage in in-depth dialogue to share perspectives from multiple points of view, explore potential solutions to contemporary challenges, and offer concrete examples.  

Featured presentations: newsroom leaders or project teams will showcase a developed project or a flourishing idea in a live demonstration to illustrate process and strategy, brainstorm approaches, and share findings and results. 

Lightning talks: influential mold-breaking projects addressing crucial topics will be presented in rapid-fire six-minute segments.

Think-in sessions: groundbreaking doers and thinkers in journalism will give short, rich presentations,  followed by a lengthy interactive discussion with the attendees. These intimate, hour-long sessions are meant to connect and inspire.

Workshops: an instructor – generally a journalist well known for mastery of their craft – will work with a group of 15 pre-registered participants in a three-hour class. The instructors will share their vision and insights into the process of bringing a project from idea to publication, and participants will share and receive feedback on their own work.

Meet the bridge-builders: participants will have the opportunity to meet with top executives, publishers, and editors from prominent grantmakers, media organizations, and publishing platforms that support Latinx journalism, as well as former grantees and mentees, to learn more about the process for successfully competing for important opportunities for mentorship, grants, fellowships, and to publish your work. 

Documentary screening: Each LMS screens one forceful piece of long-form documentary journalism by Latinx journalists telling fierce, relevant, and necessary stories about our community, that connects with the summit’s central theme;  followed by a Q&A session with the audience. 

Performance: Each LMS dedicates space to exploring Latinx storytelling in diverse forms,  platforms, and disciplines to create evocative and transformative experiences for our audience. 

Networking spaces: the LMS is the home – and hub – for Latinx journalism in the U.S. We will strengthen the connective tissue of this sector with curated networking sessions throughout the summit, at lunchtime and between sessions, where participants can gather outdoors or in corridors with a coffee or tea in hand. 

Through our social media accounts and newsletter, participants will get the latest news and updates about the event. 

Welcome to our ever-expanding community of journalists, media creators, and artists!


La Latino Media Summit (LMS) 

La Latino Media Summit (LMS) es una conferencia anual con lo mejor del periodismo Latinx, creada por la maestría bilingüe de la Newmark J-School de CUNY, en Nueva York. La LMS es un evento híbrido bilingüe, en español e inglés, que durante dos días reúne a periodistas, empresarios, artistas y líderes de la industria para celebrar y conversar sobre ideas, innovación y oportunidades para el periodismo latino y su comunidad.

Las sesiones de la LMS son una combinación dinámica de formatos, diseñados para enriquecer la experiencia de nuestras audiencias presenciales y virtuales:

Conversaciones públicas: grandes pensadores dialogan de manera profunda sobre los temas más relevantes y actuales para el periodismo y las comunidades latinx; comparten perspectivas desde múltiples puntos de vista; y exploran posibles soluciones a los desafíos contemporáneos por medio de ejemplos concretos.

Presentaciones destacadas:  líderes de las salas de redacción o equipos, compartirán el proceso y la estrategia con la que desarrollaron un proyecto o una idea en auge. Intercambiarán ideas sobre enfoques y compartirán hallazgos y resultados.

Charlas relámpago: proyectos influyentes que rompen moldes y abordan temas cruciales, se presentarán de manera ágil y concisa, en segmentos de seis minutos.

Sesiones de reflexión: innovadores y pensadores del periodismo harán presentaciones breves pero sustanciosas, seguidas de una larga discusión interactiva con los asistentes. Estas sesiones íntimas de una hora de duración están destinadas a conectar e inspirar.

Talleres: un instructor y periodista reconocido por su dominio del oficio, trabajará con un grupo de 15 participantes preregistrados a través de una convocatoria abierta, en una clase de tres horas de duración. El instructor compartirá su visión y conocimientos sobre el proceso de llevar un proyecto desde la idea misma hasta su publicación, y los participantes compartirán dudas y recibirán retroalimentación sobre sus propio trabajos y dudas.

Conoce a los constructores de puentes: los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de conversar con directivos, editores y periodistas destacados de organizaciones, medios y colectivos que apoyan la producción y publicación del periodismo Latinx. Así como con ex becarios y alumnos, para aprender procesos de postulación exitosos y lograr oportunidades de tutorías, subvenciones, becas y publicación. 

Proyección documental: en cada edición de la LMS proyectaremos una pieza documental contundente, realizada por periodistas Latinx que cuentan historias vehementes, relevantes y necesarias sobre nuestra comunidad. Y que a su vez, conecte con el tema central del año, seguida por una sesión de preguntas y respuestas con su realizador.


Performance: la LMS dedica un espacio para explorar la narración Latinx en diversos formatos, plataformas y disciplinas para crear experiencias evocadoras y transformadoras para nuestra audiencia.

Espacios para Networking: la LMS es el hogar y el eje del periodismo latinx en los EE. UU. Buscamos fortalecer el tejido del sector con sesiones de networking diseñadas para los días del evento, a la hora del almuerzo y entre sesiones, donde los participantes pueden reunirse al aire libre o en los pasillos con un café o té en la mano.

A través de nuestras cuentas de redes sociales y Newsletter, podrás recibir las últimas noticias y actualizaciones sobre el evento.

¡Bienvenidxs a nuestra comunidad en crecimiento!

The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, founded in 2006, has become nationally recognized for its innovative programs. The only public graduate journalism school in the northeastern U.S., it prepares students from diverse economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds to produce high-quality journalism. As the news industry continues to reinvent itself for the digital age, the Newmark J-School is at the forefront of equipping journalists at every stage of the profession with the reporting, writing, interactive, technological, and entrepreneurial skills they need to find stories and tell them effectively. The school offers a Master of Arts in Journalism, a unique bilingual M.A. in Journalism for students fluent in English and Spanish, and the nation’s first M.A. in Engagement Journalism, as well as a Center for Community Media and professional and executive education programs.

Host – Graciela Mochkofsky 

Event Curator – Natalia Algarin, Lisa Flom 

Catering Coordinator – Nathalie Leloutre 

Volunteer Manager – Hal Straus

Social Media Manager – Rachel Ramirez

CCM Social Media Engagement – Kavitha Rajagopalan

Stage Manager – Edú

Sound Engineer – Eriq Robinson

Transcend Streaming – Kyra Bowie, Leanna Keyes 

Transcend – Camera Operator – Osaliki Sepulveda

Transcend – Zoom Operator – Scheherazade Quiroga

Event Photographer – Amanda Lacson

Interpreter – Aldo Resendiz 

LMS 22 took place at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center in downtown NYC.


Meet the editors, critics, visual artists, academics, entrepreneurs, artists, and podcasters who are part of the #LMS22

Adriana Zehbrauskas

Photojournalist. Contributor, The New York Times. 2021 Maria Moors Cabot Prize.

Alise Morales

Comedy writer and performer. Writer, Betches Sup newsletter and co-host, Betches Sup podcast. Isobel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Carlos Chirinos

Music and Global Health Associate Professor, Director NYU Music and Social Change Lab

Daisy Hernandez

Journalist. Author, The Kissing Bug: A True Story of a Family, an Insect.

Fidel Martínez

Audience engagement editor, writes the LatinX Files Newsletter, The Los Angeles Times.

Jesse Vasquez

Project Director, Friends of San Quentin News.

Lalo Alcaraz

Editorial cartoonist. Creator, La Cucaracha.

Manuel Oliver

Father of Parkland victim Joaquin Oliver. Co-founder, ChangeTheRef

María Inés Zamudio

Immigration reporter. Pulitzer Center grantee.

Nadxieli Nieto

Executive editor, Flatiron Books. Board member, Latinx in Publishing.

Ricardo Sandoval-Palos

Public Editor,PBS. Advisory Board, Ida B. Wells Society.

Tania González

Global director of audience development, WIRED.

Adriana Gallardo

Engagement reporter, ProPublica.

Alyza Enriquez

Producer, director, and image maker, Vice. Member, Trans Journalists Association.

Carlos del Río

A global health and infectious disease expert. Professor, Emory University.

Ernesta Gálvez

Leader #losdeliveristasunidos, Workers Justice Project.

Gustavo Ajche

Leader #losdeliveristasunidos, Workers Justice Project.

Jimmy Bosch

Jazz and Salsa Music trombonist, composer and bandleader

Lauren González

Senior Manager of the Content Development Team, NPR.

Marina Walker

Executive editor, Pulitzer Center.

Mazin Sidahmed

Co-executive director, Documented.

Natasha S. Alford

Vice President of Digital Content and a Senior Correspondent, theGrio. Political Analyst, CNN.

Saraciea J. Fennell

Founder, The Bronx is Reading. Member, Advisory Board of POC in Publishing, Latinx in Publishing.

Valeria Fernandez

Managing editor, Palabra. Creator, Comadres al Aire podcast.

Ainara Tiefenthäler

Video journalist on the Visual Investigations team, The New York Times

Apoorva Mandavilli

Science and global health reporter, The New York Times.

Carolina Guerrero

CEO, Radio Ambulante.

Feli Carrique

Executive Director, News Product Alliance.

Isabel Castro

Four-time Emmy-nominated, Mexican-American filmmaker and journalist. Director, “Mija” documentary.

Josefa Velásquez

Senior reporter, The City.

Madeleine Bair

Journalist and media developer. Founder, El Timpano.

Marisa Franco

Mijente and the Mijente Support Committee.

Miguel Fernández Flores

Documentary producer and shooter, Vice News long-form unit.

Paola Jaramillo

Co-founder and executive director, Enlace Latino.

Stephania Taladrid

Contributing writer, The New Yorker magazine. Adjunct Professor, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism

Vix Reitano

Award-winning Founder and CEO, Agency 6B. Google News Initiative trainer.

Alana Casanova-Burgess

Host and producer, La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience.

Candice Fortman

Executive Director, Outlier media

Claudia Irizarry Aponte

Covers The Bronx, THE CITY.

Felipe Torres Medina

Writer, comedian. Writer, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Janel Martinez

Writer and founder, Ain’t I Latina? blog.

Julio Vaqueiro

Emmy award-winning journalist. Anchor, Noticias Telemundo.

Manuel Martinez

Staff visual Journalist (Producer), WBEZ.

María Elena García

Executive editor, Futuro Studios. Creator and host, Anything for Selena podcast.

Mike Spies

Senior writer, The Trace

Paulina Velasco

Managing producer, LWC Studios.

Tamoa Calzadilla

Managing editor, Factchequeado.

Yvette Cabrera

Founding member, The Uproot Project. Senior reporter, The Center for Public Integrity