Mi Historia, Mi Corazón: My Love, My Heart

Operation Exodus Inner City, May 2021

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I was brought on this project by my college professor, Josh Lewis. It’s always a wild ride working with Josh. His ideas are always big and exciting, and this was nothing different. I loved raising money for these kids who are creating, some of which for the first time, and who are able to see their work come to life by professionals. I love this organization and I was honored to be a part of their fundraising!

Mi Historia, Mi Corazón: My Love, My Heart

Stories and plays written by inner-city students and performed by award-winning artists to benefit the youth of Washington Heights.

An evening of stories & plays written by our students performed by award-winning artists to benefit the youth of Washington Heights. Exodus’ annual fundraising event was transformed into a professionally produced short film highlighting the best of Exodus Students’ plays, monologues, and poems.

Director Josh Lewis gathered an impressive cast of actors from Cinema, Broadway, and Television to bring to life the students’ creations to delight and expand our Exodus community located in Washington Heights.

Operation Exodus is a faith-based organization located in Washington Heights, NYC. At Exodus, our goal is to form transformational relationships with our students (K-12) through various ways including volunteering in academic support, Saturday mentoring program, summer volunteer opportunities, or committing to an internship. Operation Exodus’ mission is to launch NYC Latino Youth to college and lives of excellence through educational opportunities and transformational relationships. www.operationexodus.org

Mi Historia, Mi Corazón Creative Team:

Directed by Josh Lewis

Video Editing by Mark Hervey and Mike Piazza

Music by David Adler

Mi Historia, Mi Corazón featured the following performers: Hannah Allen, Cecilia Arana-Grant, Marilyn Caserta, Fernando Contreras, Rigo Diaz, Nancy Giles, Tatiana Godfrey, Zabryna Guevara, Anthony Holiday, Josh Lewis, Jasmin Emerita Malave, Quentin Lee Moore, Keira Naughton, Michael Potts, Adam Roebling, Shirley Rumierk, Sydney Saintė, Matt Saldivar, & The Students of Operation Exodus