Once Bitten

The Bad Kids, September 2021

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After taking this archival recording, I spent a month waking up with the songs in my head, and they still pop up around the Transcend Streaming studio at least once a week. Delightful!
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I love working with this team. They always know how to make me laugh and keep supporting me in the process. It’s nice to have a little family you make art with!

Once Bitten

Hybrid performance and capture of a new musical’s first 29-hour reading.

Transcend Streaming produced an archival recording of this movie turned musical. With two readings at NYC’s Ripley Grier, they were able to stream this to the producers and creatives not able to be in the room as well as retain a high-quality archival recording to present to investors.

What does a 400-year-old vampire like the Countess do when she is required to drink the blood of a young male virgin three times by Halloween each year to keep her youth, power, and beauty?  Well, attractive young male virgins are almost impossible to find in the 1980s, particularly in hedonistic cities like Los Angeles. In this case, the Countess turns to a high school senior, Mark, who wants to have sex but is being put off by his girlfriend Robin.  Mark’s best friends, Jamie and Russ, convince him to go to a singles bar in Hollywood where Mark meets the Countess and is easily seduced by her. Once bitten, Mark begins to change and Robin discovers his indiscretion. As Halloween approaches Robin must decide if Mark is worth fighting a vampire for; Russ & Jamie have their friendship tested in truly unexpected ways, and it becomes more vital for the Countess to eliminate Robin and have Mark for herself. 

Once Bitten Creative Team:

Marc Erdahi – Director

Jay Falzone – Book and Lyrics

Matt Gumley – Composer

Geoffrey Ko – Music Director

Binder Casting / Jarrett Reiche – Casting Director

Kyra Bowie – Stage Manager

Gabriella Pennetti – Assistant Stage Manager

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

Mateo Moreno – Covid Compliance Officer


Once Bitten featured the following performers: 

Orfeh, Scott Redmond, Sophia Introna, Anthony Wayne, Ben Bogen, Briana Brooks, Chad Burris, Cailen Fu, Katelyn Lauria, Eric Phelps, Jake Bennett Siegfried, Emerson Steele, Daryl Tofa, and Akron Watson.