Pithy Party

Playful Substance, November 2021

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This project consisted of a bunch of artists that I hold close to my heart. During the pandemic, we met online and held an Artist’s Cafe three times a week. We set intentions for the time we co-worked and checked in at the end. Shows were put on with work that we had done during the cafe and it was a saving grace during such stressful times. I loved bringing this specific project to a hybrid world. It allowed all the artists that could not be in person to experience and contribute the way we might have in the past.
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On a technical level, it was super interesting to work with streaming and A/V equipment that was part of the theater’s installation rather than bringing in our own equipment. There are so many different ways to accomplish the same audience accessibility, it was good fun to play on someone else’s playground. Plus we were able to integrate their system with our bespoke closed captioning solution, so cool!

Pithy Party

A durational series of performances, hosted moments, and pre-recorded content to raise funds and engage the community.

Playful Substance’s Writers’ Groups took the spotlight in this annual staged reading event featuring excerpts of works-in-progress directed and read by company members and friends. Pithy Party 2021 followed a telethon format allowing for three unique “In-studio” seatings that were live-streamed over 4 hours with extra content for the online audience. 10 Writers! 10 Directors! 30 actors! No Touch Backs and No Do-Overs! 

Playful Substance is a New York-based theater company dedicated to fostering new works through their Writers Groups, developmental workshops, community events, and fully staged productions. They believe that lifelong artist development, work-life balance, and the vitality of an inclusive creative space are integral to the artist’s practice. “Playful Substance” is the mission; substantive work approached with joy, cooperation, sensitivity, and humor. www.playfulsubstance.com 

Pithy Party Creative Team:

Bree O’Connor – Artistic Director/ Producer

Gavin Sexton – Stage Manager

Laura Sisskin – Social Media Manager

Genevieve Myers – Social Media Manager

Jay Michaels  – Press Agent

Laura Murphy – Co-host

Raphael Perahia – Co-host

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

Party 1

Heart-Shaped Box

Tori Barron – Playwright

Kim Berrios Lin – Director

Performed by Laura Sisskin, Marlon Quijije, & Marlon Quijije.

Under The Bridge

Jacqueline Reason Playwright & Director

Performed by Jeorge Bennett Watson, Anastacia Taylor, Naila Negron, & Brianna Suarez-Thomas.

The House on 2nd Street

Niki Hatzidis Playwright

Bree O’Connor – Director

Performed by Dan Renkin, Tori Barron, Patrick Michael Valley, Maria Peyramaure, Don Wollner, Helene Galek, Rahoul Roy, Yessenia Rivas, Laura Murphy, & Brandon Fox.

Party 2

Barometric Pressure

Bree O’Connor – Playwright

Ashley Adelman – Director

Performed by Bree O’Connor, Dan Renkin, & Rocco Spoon.

A Special Episode

Nicholas Steckman Playwright

Kaili Y Turner – Director

Performed by Bree O’Connor, Rocco Spoon, Lauren Lindsey White, & Matt Cross.

La Tía Angustias Viena De Vista

Martha Lorena Preve Playwright

Cynthia Bastidas – Director

Performed by Silvana Gonzalez, Maria Peyramaure, & Marlon Quijije.

Aaron Sorkin

Donald Wollner Playwright

Amanda Faye Lacson – Director

Performed by Lee Wilkoff & Cristina Garcia Leon

Party 3

Mr. & Mrs. Garbo

Raphael Perahia Playwright

Dan Renkin – Director

Performed by Yessenia Rivas & Raphael Perahia

The Ms. Piggy Social Club

Stephanie Scott Playwright

Courtney Wetzel – Director

Performed by Bree O’Connor & Cristina Garcia Leon


Laura Sisskin Playwright

Raphael Perahia – Director

Performed by Don Wollner, Lee Wilkoff, Helene Galek, & Yessenia Rivas