the black album. mixtape. block party.

Regina Taylor, August 2021

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To work with Regina Taylor is already a blessing; to get to amplify the wonderful work of so many Black and brown artists to such a large audience is even better. To date, I think this the most-viewed event I’ve produced, because people keep coming back to it and back to it, watching again and again, for months.

Regina Taylor’s the black album. mixtape. block party.

A virtual presentation and award ceremony celebrating the black album. mixtape. collaborators and their work.

In an effort to reexamine, redefine and reimagine what it means to teach and educate our youth, and allow our young artists to create and produce work that speaks truth to power. Regina Taylor swiftly pivoted and turned to digital programming; thus, the black album was born. How do we give voice to people – particularly students – who need to speak about the shifts and changes happening in our world? How do we connect people in a time of isolation? How do we give our young people an opportunity to speak truth to power at this moment? These were some of the questions Regina explored to generate content for the black album. 2020. resistance. and the black album mixtape.

You can view the full event here.

Creative Team:

Regina Taylor – Director & Executive Producer

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

Shanjala Irving – Stage Manager

Ashley Oliver – Stage Manager

Alana Zalas – Production Assistant

Gard O’Berg – Digital Marketing Associate

Theaster Gates, Rebuild Foundation – Block Party Partner

Featured guests included: 

Tharmella Nyahoza, Sage Anderson, Karen Earl, Joi Henry, Ryan Henry, Yolan Henry, Ivvy Hicks, Mark Kendall, Dr. Renee Metthews & Keith Williams.

Block party featured artists included: 

Alexandria Carrington, Bobby Daye, Rhett Goldman, Mark Hirsch, Leon Jones, Caleb Mosely, Fabrae Nicole, Wilfredo Rivera, Nya Smith, John Tyler, Ben Woods, Monique Haley, Simone Stevens, Margaret Murphy-Webb, Shea Glover, Joe Cerqua, Jordan Ross, Sim Carpenter, & Margaret Nelson.

Mixtape Awards Judges: 

Dr. Carol ADams, Dr. Michael Brownlee, Melanie Clemmons, Roberto Conduru, Zenetta Drew, Blake Hackler, Terry Loftis, Aja Martin, Kristina Nielson, & Vickie Washington.

Mixtape Partners included: 

Atlanta Black Theater Festival, National Associate of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, National College Resources Foundation, New York Stage and Film, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Repertory Theater of St Louis, Yellowbrick Impact, Howard University Musical Theatre Program Marty Lamar, Spelman University, UNT Dallas School of Human Services; Constance Lacy, DePaul University, Columbia College Chicago, & Jenesse Center.