Still, Birth.

The Chain Theater, September 2021

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Working on this show was unbelievably moving. A story so often silenced and hidden stood on its own and claimed its space. Streaming this production allowed more people to hear its message, even if they weren’t comfortable being back in a small theatre.

Still, Birth.

Transcend Streaming produced a hybrid live stream of STILL, BIRTH. a play about pregnancy loss. Capturing video and audio using VDO.Ninja, the in-person experience was shared in real-time with those who were not able to make it out to New York and those who didn’t feel comfortable being back in person to experience theatre.

Still, Birth. is a play about pregnancy loss. A taboo subject for centuries, this play seeks to open the lines of communication between those who have been touched by pregnancy loss in any way. Stillbirth, miscarriage, and late-term abortion account for 5.82 deaths per 1,000 live births in the U.S. The loss often leaves a trail of disappointment, guilt, shame, and grief that are commonly experienced in silence. Still, Birth. uses dance, monologues, scenes, and poetry to tell the truth of losing a pregnancy. By telling our stories, we hope to bring healing and understanding to those affected.”It’s not about how or why; we are here to acknowledge that it did happen.”

Still, Birth was part of the #CityArtistCorps! This $5,000 award was created to activate and energize New York City’s artists and engage the public with arts activities summer and fall of 2021.

Still, Birth. Creative Team:

Robyne Parrish – Director, Co-Writer

Coley Campany – Choreographer, Co-Writer

Kim Berrios Lin – Assistant Choreographer

Kyra Bowie – Production Stage Manager

Amanda Lacson – Photographer, Documentarian

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

Still, Birth. featured the following performers: 

Tara Troy, Coley Campany, Czarina Mada, Laura Sisskin, Juan Perez, Bree O’Conner, Yessenia Rivas, Nupur Charyalu, and Colin Gold.