The Interpreter

The Theater Project, October 2020

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What an honor to be able to design a show about a topic this serious and meaningful. The Theater Project are longtime collaborators of Transcend Streaming and I was so pleased to work with them on this. Much of my focus was on giving the actors room to focus on character, and the audience a sense of time, place, and immediacy. We had some great technical tricks, particularly with rain effects and sound, but the focus had to remain on the intense character work our performers were bringing to the table.

The Interpreter

A psychologically intense examination of the relationship between a Nazi war criminal and his Jewish interpreter.

​A work of theatrical fiction that explores the complex relationship between Hermann Goering – Reichsmarschall of Germany and leading Nazi on trial for war crimes – and his interpreter, a 23-year-old Jewish U.S. Army private.

A Note From The Playwright: The play is about the Nuremberg trials, but it also turns a mirror on ourselves. At the same time that the Allies were trying Nazis for crimes against humanity, prejudice and hatred were rampant on our side. What The Interpreter does, I hope, is to remind us that the virus of hatred lies hidden in humanity itself. By recognizing that fact and giving voice to it, perhaps we can assure that unspeakable acts won’t be perpetrated in our own society.

The Theater Project aims to provide a forum to express ideas that spark the imagination and challenge the mind. They are actively encouraging audiences to think beyond the status quo and elevate the discourse around important contemporary issues.

The Interpreter Creative Team:

Mark Spina – Director

Joseph Vitale – Playwright

Transcend Streaming – Streaming Producer

Barbara Canace – Costume Designer

Mary Iannelli – Props Master

Ashley Oliver – Stage Manager


The Interpreter featured the following performers: 

Daniel Kuhlman, Gary Glor, Brian Nowak, Sam Saravolatz, Yefim Somin, and Richard Warren.