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Help your team do their best work.

Quality training makes the difference between your project moving nimbly or turning into a slog. The best equipment or ideas in the world can’t help if no one in your organization knows how to make the most of it. We can train your team to operate efficiently, effectively, and autonomously. Whether it’s in-house webinars, company podcasts, or even a bog-standard Zoom meeting, there’s always a way to make things run more smoothly and simply. Let us set your team up for success by making them experts in their own right.


What does the next person need to know?

We LOVE documentation here at Transcend Streaming. While technical muscle memory is great, it doesn’t help the next person stepping into a role to know that their predecessor knew exactly how to make everything work. They need their own experiences and training materials to work at their own highest level. By generating training materials that can be studied independently, we prevent “knowledge rot” or skill atrophy among your team. Step-by-step manuals show your staff exactly what to do, including common troubleshooting steps.

Plus, we know that things can change–maybe your team finds an even better way to operate the equipment, or maybe you need to add steps to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. No matter what, we make sure that you have full access to edit and update materials as you go. Even years down the line, your team can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.


We make it approachable.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a deeply technical tangent, but we know that most people want it to “just work.” That’s why we focus on approachable, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. We want our results to be reproducible every time, and for your team to be able to create work that’s just as good as anything we could make on the same equipment. No matter where your team is coming from and no matter what their background, we want them to be able to make the magic happen.


They've got this.

That’s what we want you to feel during every part of our process. Our team brings our arts background to this bespoke process; we know that you’ll do your best work when you’re well taken care of. We chat with you about your goals, the needs of your project, any challenges that might come up, and then make it happen.

Top to Bottom

Most of our projects go something like this:

  • We have an initial FREE consultation where we go over your projects and its specific needs
  • We generate a modular proposal that accomplishes all of your goals (and gives you some flexibility in how it’s executed)
  • Once you’ve accepted the proposal, we’ll put together a contract that clearly lists tasks, areas of responsibility, and a timeline
  • As the date of your project approaches, we’ll provide updates and ask you for anything else we need (“Has the venue provided you with the WiFi password yet?”)
  • An amazing “day-of!” Whether you’re working with us to edit a sizzle reel, simulcasting a conference for the world, or recording the finest live performance of your life, we want to take all that stress away and make sure you can focus your energy on what really matters.
  • Afterwards, we provide you with more archival material and analytics than you can shake a stick at (or fill up a hard drive with).

We meet you where you’re at. 

If you’re technically-minded and want to drill into the details of video delivery codecs, we’re happy to nerd out about bitrates. If you want to point us at a problem and not hear from us again until we’ve got a solution (or three), we’ll be back soon. 

Don’t just feel prepared, be prepared

We’ll meet with you as needed to chat through the project, our progress, and any changing needs. There’s nothing like a quick production meeting to put your mind at ease. Or if you’re more of a “this could have been an email” person (we get it), just shoot us a quick request for an update and you’ll know where we’re at.


Options for Every Budget.

Everyone deserves a bespoke experience, including your billing department. We’ll work with you to develop a clear budget and scope of responsibilities, so everyone can focus on doing their best work (and not worry about the numbers).

Modular Proposals:

Our most popular pricing model by far. Based on your specific needs, we put together a proposal that includes various options you can mix-and-match. Know that you want our crew, but want to play around with using two cameras or three? Thinking about bumping up to a truly luxurious audio quality? Need to run the plan by the rest of your team first to figure out where you want to invest? Our modular proposals give you all the flexibility you could ever want.

Pre-Determined Budget

If you’ve got a dollar amount in mind, we’ll talk with you about what we can accomplish on that budget (and where to get the most bang-for-your-buck). We custom tailor all of our plans to your project’s priorities, so the most attention is paid to the most important areas.


We’re flexible! Maybe you aren’t sure of the scope of your project yet, or you want to be able to adjust the goals as your needs develop. We’re happy to enter into a partnership that can grow and change alongside your project.

Flexible Invoices

We invoice you automatically over time so you don’t get hit with a huge bill upfront. Plus, we’re a local small business–you won’t be dealing with a faceless billing department, you’re dealing directly with the business owners.

Clear Contracts

Our contracts contain clear charts of responsibility for all assets from pre-process to wrap-up. There’s never any last-minute scramble to find the right music (while the audience is beating down the door), because everyone involved knows who’s bringing what to the table.

We believe in transparency and equity. You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting, line item by line item. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with hiring a dream team that delivers exactly the experience you’ve been waiting for.


Interpretation, Captioning, ASL, and More.

Accessibility is a core value here at Transcend Streaming. During the early pandemic, we championed the use of human-crafted captions during live performances–not just glitchy robo-captions, and not just for pre-recorded content. Everyone should be able to fully engage with the content, no matter where they’re coming from. Now, we’ve carried that principle forward with focuses on multi-language interpre`tation, captioning, and American Sign Language.


Give your audience the choice to listen to a presentation in English or in Spanish. Help them hear your message clearly by letting them toggle subtitles on and off (and we don’t mean AI-generated “close enough” language).

Do all of that, and more, with Transcend Streaming.

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