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This service is COMING SOON in Brooklyn, NYC. 

Right now, we are accepting applications for beta testers. They will receive these services for free in exchange for providing feedback on the process and how we can improve. To express your interest in being a beta tester for our 90 minute headshots, please contact us here.


New headshots in 90 minutes. Yeah, really.

Need updated headshots? How does this sound: Walk in, take pictures, walk out with usable headshots. 90 minutes. Let’s do it.


How is this going to be different from getting my headshots elsewhere?

Our process is different because we made an important realization: no one on a casting team cares about the resolution of your headshot. They aren’t poring over your pores or looking for every single stray hair. The only things that matter:

  1. Does the photo on the page look like the person who’s standing in front of them in the room?
  2. Do you look like someone they want to work with?


We’ve built our entire process around this realization. Here’s how that manifests:

You should look like you. We aren’t going to throw you in with a professional makeup artist who makes you look ~stunning~ in a way that you’re never going to be able to replicate during an audition.

We’ll select your fave shots as we go, together. You don’t need a huge turnaround time for edits, you don’t need to post a photo album of 80 nearly-identical shots for your friends to vote on.

We take the picture, we look at the picture, we decide whether it’s a winner, we edit the picture, we take more pictures. You walk out with all the files you need, including your curated favorites.

You’re in control of the edits. We’ve got tons of options for taking “what we get out of the camera” to “what you’re putting on your resume.” Using innovative automation and touch controls, you and our team can edit your shots together, fully live. No turnaround time, no waiting for proofs. Just great photos.

You can get 95% of the quality of a premium headshot for 25% of the price. We truly love the work of other photographers in the NYC area and are inspired by them. However, for most people, they don’t NEED the photographing resolution of a NASA telescope. They need a great photo that captures their presence.

Let’s take that photo together.


Details at a glance.

Cost: It’s $100 for a deposit, $100 afterward; $200 top-to-bottom. Easy, affordable, and clear.

No Tipping: Seriously, don’t. We hate it. If you really want to tip, just pass our information along to someone who you think could use a new headshot.

Location: Our studio is in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It’s in a 4th floor walkup. You’ll receive the location after booking (we like our privacy as much as the next photographers).

Team: Bring a friend! We want you to be comfortable.

Stuff: Bring any makeup or clothing you like, you can use your time for as many ‘looks’ as you want.

Time: If you reach the end of your scheduled time and decide you want to keep going, we’ll keep going and add that on to the invoice. Yolo!

More Examples to Come!

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