Looking Skyward

Infinite Variety Productions, June 2021

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I love working with female-driven organizations and this was a match made in heaven for me! The company challenged me to think outside the box of what a fundraiser looks like and bring some historical Easter eggs to the viewers.

Looking Skyward

A night of flight, frivolity, and fundraising.

This evening was used to raise funds for two of IVP’s upcoming projects.  The first, Can We Talk? is an innovative, original work combining the intimacy of film with the energy of live theatre and using the lessons of the past to answer questions about how to move forward in the present. The second project was IVP’s Playwrights Program. A program for women of all kinds to have a platform to workshop, share, and receive feedback on their scripts.

Harnessing the glamor of travel during the PanAm era, IVP acted as your airline, pilot, and flight attendants as we (virtually) flew together to whatever dream destination you wish to experience in a post-covid world. The two-hour event included trivia (with prizes!), an in-flight movie of some of the incredible work IVP had been crafting, sketch comedy, a specialty cocktail/mocktail demo, announcement of the silent auction winners, a private concert by jazz singer Allyson Briggs (of Fleur Seule), and appearances from all of the talented collaborators of IVP.

Infinite Variety Productions believes all women are made of infinite varieties and deserve to be celebrated and revered. They devise original Documentary Theatre to explore the timeless question of how and why history repeats itself through examining human relationships within an elevated historical moment. IVP doesn’t just present plays, we create theatrical experiences. Through hosting talk-backs with experts in the subject matter of our work; performing in alternative, environmental, often-immersive spaces, such as museums and memorials; and teaching educational workshops in schools, we initiate a deeply sensorial learning environment between performer and audience. History, then, becomes not just something that happened in the past, but is alive and activated in the bodies, minds, and hearts of all humans today. www.infinitevarietynyc.org

Looking Skyward featured the following performers: Kelly Teaford, Nikki Hatzidis, Ashley Adelman, Kate Szekely, Bree O’Connor, Nicole Orabona, Genevieve Myers, Javana F. Mundy, Jessica Mayne, Hadley Todoran, & Julia Lauria Blum.

“Kyra ran my not-for-profit’s last fundraiser. She went beyond expectation. Organized and efficient beforehand, the night of the fundraiser I could sit back and enjoy knowing the run of the night was in good hands. Highly recommend.”

-Ashley Adelman

Infinite Variety Productions